How to get delicious skin in 4 minutes

Formula H sales manager Bo Spetzler talks here about how to get delicious skin.

Getting delicious skin with Formula H Skincare is not very difficult. This is because Formula H is nature’s own product with carefully selected ingredients, mixed in the perfect combination for your skin.

Step 1: Cleanse is the foundation of success

very morning and evening you should wash your skin. If you choose to wash your skin only once a day, choose in the evening.

With Formula H Cleansing gel, you cleanse with extracts of the wild rose Rosa Canina, which provides you with important vitamins and minerals as well as Omega 3,6 and 9. If you want to pamper your skin, you must choose an actual wellness cleansing product from Formula H. Here you can choose a Formula H Clay Mask, Formula H Face Scrub or a Formula H Peel Mask.

After your cleansing, apply Formula H Skin Tonic to close the pores. Formula H Skin Tonic contains extracts from the alga Alaria Esculenta.

You are thus guaranteed a completely optimal result.

Step 2: Serum and cream

After applying Formula H Skin Tonic, the foundation is created to give your skin the moisture it needs to maintain its skin.

The moisture comes from Creme products. Formula H also has a day cream, a night cream, a hand cream and a body cream. Before applying a cream product, consider whether you want to invest extra time and money in giving your skin a primer serum product.

Formula H Skincare has a serum product you can apply under the eyes and a serum product you can apply to your face and neck area. If you choose a primer serum product, apply a day cream or a night cream on top of the serum products. Applying a primer serum product is an investment in time and money, but is an investment in a much nicer skin.

If you suffer from Acne or redness, you should choose Formula H Anti-Redness.