Beard Oil Real Men 50 ML Argan 4 x 4

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Formula H beard oil ensures you a fragrant and well-groomed beard. Formula H Beard oil is a completely unique oil mixture that keeps the moisture in your beard, reduces inflammation and itching. The oil is absorbed quickly, so that it does not grease and does not split. Formula H beard oil ensures strong beard growth.


Formula H beard oil contains four types of cold pressed oils; Olive oil, Argan oil, Sesame oil and Indian sandalwood.

This formula of oil is the markets most unique combination turning to extreme results for real men.


Add a few drops of oil on the fingers and massage into the beard, let it absorb.

Enjoy more benefits

The beard oil can also be used for hair care; apply a small amount on the tips and let it absorb.

 You make an impact

Formula H buys raw materials directly, where they are farmed. It provides full control of quality and working conditions. When you buy Formula H, you directly support the farm employees who harvest the raw materials for your Formula H products. Formula H ensures that farm employees receive a proper salary, that their children go to school, that families have clean water, toilets, showers and refrigerators. You make a great impact by choosing Formula H.

Beard Oil Real Men 50 ML Argan 4 x 4