The story behind Formula H


Formula H Skincare is known as a luxury skincare product that allows users to maintain the skin and prevent issues such as wrinkles, redness, acne, and impurities. Formula H skincare is unique in terms of the product’s ecology, effectiveness, and consistency. Formula H has four brand DNA values as follows:

  • Effectiveness for the skin – The products prevent skin problems such as wrinkles, pimples, pigmentation, and impurities.
  • Ecology – Formula H uses 36 completely unique raw materials from the wild nature. The raw materials primarily come from Africa, where they can be grown 100% organically.
  • Social responsibility – Formula H cultivates its own raw materials on its farm in Ghana. Formula H takes an extended social responsibility towards the farm team members and their families. For example, Formula H ensures that the family’s children go to school, that there is clean drinking water, and that sanitary conditions are top-notch. Additionally, Formula H supports the local orphanage, the local hospital, the local school, and finally, it supports people who have lost limbs in accidents or due to illness.
  • Nature conservation – Formula H obtains its packaging from raw materials derived from plastic waste. Formula H also ensures that rainforests are not used for cultivation and takes special care of biodiversity. This is achieved through planting that attracts insects, and beehives are placed to optimize pollination.


The idea for Formula H Skincare was conceived in Paris, where the Danish graphic designer Lars Sannes resides with his French wife Majorie.

For many years, Lars Sannes has undertaken particularly exclusive design tasks for major luxury cosmetic brands in France. In these companies, Lars met two highly experienced product developers several years ago, both of whom were frustrated about producing products marketed as natural cosmetics but made from ingredients created in a laboratory.

The two product developers and Lars also did not want natural cosmetics to be sold at high prices while those who produced the raw materials (typically in developing countries) were poor and could not afford to send their children to school. Therefore, they created Formula H Skincare’s distinctive and entirely unique program for social responsibility, along with a series of effective and genuine natural products.


The ‘H’ in Formula H stands for Herbs. The products are specifically created from herbs, leaves, and fresh berries. Each ingredient has its significance for your skin. Formula H combines various ingredients from pure nature, providing real and noticeable effects for your skin.


Formula H Skincare products are manufactured in Denmark. The development department is located in France and Italy to be at the forefront of the world’s best development environments for cosmetics and skincare.


Formula H uses 31 completely natural ingredients. Six of these ingredients have inspired the colors of the labels you see on Formula H products.

Green comes from the Shea nut, cultivated in Northern Burkina Faso. From the Shea nut comes Shea butter, which provides fantastic, long-lasting moisture for the skin. Green is used in the Skin Tonic and Cleansing Gel products.

The gray color is derived from the sage plant. The sage plant is grown in Southern Europe. Sage produces an oil with almost magical properties on inflammatory conditions, making sage particularly effective against, for example, acne. Gray is used in the Peel Mask and Clay Mask products.

The beautiful golden leaves of the Alaria plant symbolize the Body series. Alaria is an algae that grows in Japan and is rich in antioxidants, helping counteract the effects of free radicals on the skin.

The papaya color is part of the Body series. Papaya contains the enzymes Papain and Chymopapain, both known for regenerating skin cells and often contributing to the removal of dark circles under the eyes.

The dark purple color comes from the Borage flower, which grows in Northern Morocco. Borage oil is fantastic for sensitive skin, reducing redness, making older skin more elastic, and maintaining younger skin. The dark purple color is used in the Treatment series, including Foot Cream and Anti-Redness.

Pink comes from the Aniba tree, which grows wild in Brazil. Aniba oil is ideal for Anti-Aging and cell activation. Therefore, Pink is dedicated to Day Firming and Night Firming, which tighten the skin and activate the creation of new skin cells.









If you prefer a scented product, you should know that all scents are essential oils extracted from wild flowers or herbs. These oils are 100% natural. The scents Formula H uses come from entirely natural herbs and flowers such as Clove, Saffron, Lemon, Lavender, Lemongrass, Cashmere, Orchid, Mirabelle, Apricot, Quince, Cactus Flower, Orange Blossom, and Mint.


Formula H products smell good because of extracts from wild and natural plants. But above all, you will remember Formula H for its effect on your skin. Depending on the product, several are made as anti-aging products that smooth fine lines over time and firm the skin. Several products contain Omega 3, 6, and 9, vitamins A, C, and E, as well as Collagen and Hyaluronic acid. All Formula H creams quickly penetrate the skin, leaving it soft without being greasy. All our soaps are made completely naturally, meaning they produce less foam and are therefore gentle on your skin and the environment.


Formula H sources its 31 natural and effective ingredients from several countries, primarily in Africa. Formula H certifies and controls all its sub-suppliers. Formula H has its own active social program for all sub-suppliers. In addition, Formula H has its own environmental program that actively protects animals, plant species, and water resources.


Formula H’s products are not tested on animals, and Formula H does not contribute to the use of natural raw materials that are critical food and vitamin banks for animals.

Formula H only uses recycled plastic from the ocean. The purpose is to contribute to Formula H’s efforts to combat the annual death of millions of fish and thousands of marine mammals, including whales and sea turtles.

The sea turtle in the coral reef between the Ivory Coast and Ghana. The coral reef blue color on Formula H’s Bio Collagen is inspired by this.


Formula H uses the best and most effective herbs to manufacture Formula H’s high-performance and sought-after products. Formula H practices organic farming on existing fields, not in countries clearing rainforests for planting. On the areas Formula H cultivates, the principles of protecting biodiversity are followed, and natural means are used for organic farming, such as the use of Neem oil for pest control. All materials for brochures, paper, and packaging are FSC certified or FSC recycled certified.


Formula H ensures that oils from machines and engines are recycled. Similarly, rainwater is recycled for use in toilets and crop irrigation through drip irrigation. Drinking water comes from solar-powered wells, while wastewater is biologically degraded.